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It’s said that everyone has a book in them… but do they?

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It’s said that everyone has a book in them… but do they?
And if they do why don’t they write it? One answer is that life gets in the way. The need to earn money, bring up kids, pay the mortgage become all-consuming until, wow, you look over your shoulder and think “where the hell have the years gone?” And the book everyone has in them stays right there. Unwritten. The law of averages would suggest that if everyone has a book in them, you’d expect that there’d be a lot of new authors in their fifties and sixties who decide to write it. So where are they? Well, here’s one…. Gabriel Galletti
Gabriel Galletti

Gabriel was educated at Stonyhurst College, which claims Arthur Conan Doyle as an alumnus, and where one of his teachers was Michael Tolkien, son of JRR Tolkien.

Maybe his love of writing and suspense fiction was born in those formative years under the brooding presence of Pendle Hill. Following school and Bristol University, inspired by Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road,” Gabriel packed a rucksack and hitch-hiked his way across the USA. This was back in the days when willingly getting in a stranger’s car was not seen as deranged and when the instantaneous access to parental help or money via a mobile phone was not available. During those years in his early twenties Gabriel learned about life, about self-sufficiency, and about the innate generosity of strangers. Keeping him company on Route 66 however there was always an Agatha Christie or John Dickson-Carr to keep loneliness at bay.

Gabriel decided after a couple of years back-packing that he’d reached a point where he needed a career and chose… acting. Having been accepted into Studio 69 drama school in London, lack of a grant to fund the training scuppered those hopes so more by luck than judgement he started a job as a consultant with a Recruitment company. To his amazement, he found he was pretty good at it and advanced quickly up the management ladder and within five years owned his own recruitment business. He has spent the last four decades earning a good living finding other people jobs. He learned that in business, particularly when he was running large businesses, the need to present an image, a version of himself held sway. Over time this version became the dominant force and the work mask became him. It was only as time itself became more precious that the other side, the alter ego, the side that was buried beneath the work mask, at last surfaced. After a forty-year career in business spanning four continents and encountering countless imps, pimps and banjo players along the way, he now feels free to let his alter ego usurp the time remaining and remove the work mask. For Gabriel this alter ego is his love of words, of books, preferably thrillers. He also loves drama, art, the Rolling Stones and his native Yorkshire where he holds a passionate if wholly unrequited love of Leeds United football club.

Having decided to write the book he’d felt was in him, he realised that he knew little to nothing of the technical skills required to write a compelling work of fiction. He had a plot line, yes. He had a good vocabulary but putting it all together would require help. He was selected to join Cornerstones Literary Agency’s scouting program, and was then mentored by acclaimed author Mark Leggatt to give the book a professional and commercial polish. Neil Broadfoot, a Mcllvanney nominated crime writer, copy edited the manuscript and then line edited to get it ready for publication.

“Without Mark Leggatt’s mentoring skills, frankness to tell me what I was writing was “pish” and patient guidance when I was struggling, the book would never have happened.” Said Gabriel. “But now I’ve got the bug and with my first Chad Hilton novel ready for launch, I’m well on with the second in the series”

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